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KIT LIST  - available for rental


2x Dedolight 400D HMIs

8x Astera TITAN tubes

1x Aputure 1200D, +3x Beam control dishes

1x Aputure 600C. RGBWW

2x Aputure Nova (skypanel equiv) RGBWW

2x Aputure-300Dii, +fresnel/chinaball/Octa

1x Aputure-120dii, +fresnel/Octa

4x Aputure B7c lightbulbs. RGBWW
2x  LED light panels, bicolour 

1x  LED flexible panel, bicolour
2x  Four foot, 4 Bank KinoFlos. 5600k
1x Rayzr7 300w LED Fresnel. 5600k
3x LED colour swords.  RGBWW
4x LED Striplights 60cms 4000k
4x LED Striplights 30cms
8x 4’ Flourescent Striplights (Practicals)
Box of practical bulbs, inc flicker bulbs.
Smoke machine (1800w = powerful !)
Mini hazer, with remote control
Mirror Reflection system.


4 C stands with 4 Flag arms,

2 Matthews Combo Stands,

2 Avenger roller stands,

Medium weight Boom,

2 Autopoles,

2 Magic arm w. superclamps,

3 Cardellini clamps,




8x8 frame,

4x4 frames.

3x2 Flag, Net kit

2x  Four foot, 2 Bank KinoFlos 3200k
3x  Dedolight DLH4 150w spots
1x Dedolight projector unit
1x Starlite 1Kw + OctaSoftbox
1x Source4 spot, 36 degree, 750w
2x  800w redheads
3x  Arri 650w Fresnels
1x  300w Fresnel

15m Blackout Bolton,

Green Screen,

2x pop up silver/white Reflector,

Grid cloth,F


Diffusion+ Opals,

Effects gels in 20 colours,

Black Wrap,

Electrical Testing Equipment,

6x 5m trailing 13A sockets,

2x 25m 13A Cable drums, 

4x RCDs

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